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Wasteland DGA 370 (detail)
Wasteland DGA 370
Wasteland XVII
Made In China
Wasteland IC V
Wasteland IC V
Wasteland XIII
Wasteland XIV
Wasteland IC IV
Wasteland XI



Trash does not lie. It is indisputable testimony of what we actually do. There are almost two billion computers worldwide that are due to expire in the next five years.  What we ultimately value will be born out in the products we use and discard.  Given the nature of these materials, and our dependence on them, there are no easy solutions to the disposal of such waste. Granted our proximity to these systems, it seems counterintuitive that we would have so little contact with the physical inner workings of the machines that have reprogrammed our everyday lives.


I sew electronic garbage into tapestries that describe the history, variety and surplus of these units. My work allows the viewer access to the aesthetics underneath the glass, plastic, and steel shells of some of our most commonplace appliances.


By juxtaposing contrasting boards, with special attention paid to the color, texture, and direction of each element, viewers are encouraged to compare the idiosyncrasies of each section.  In order to warm the otherwise colder, electronic material, I wrap every piece in a frame of leather. The result is a quirky fabric that allows viewers to explore the repetition and complexity of these otherwise invisible, but mundane, materials.

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