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Artists & Makers Installation 2017
Tubus trulla (tube shovel)
Cauda venenum (poison tail)
Magnus os  (big mouth)
Caput rubrum (red head)
Ratus Bulbus (thinking bulb)
Alatum Orbis (winged disk)
vidua dux (window guide)
Nares niger (black nose)
Pila flagello (armed ball)
Hyacintho digitos (blue toes)
Fecit picture (picture maker)
Ipsum hyacinto (blue button)
Apice acuta (sharp tip)
Digitus contribulatus (broken finger

Alternative Evolution


I assemble garbage to describe biological evolution in the wake of human existence.  The “Alternative Evolution Series” portrays creatures adapted to, from, and by a world irrevocably changed by our interaction.  The survival of any living creature is limited by that animal’s ability to keep adaptive pace with a continually mutating habitat.  There is no doubt that we have had a significant hand in shaping the earth.  Given the extent of our involvement, I see all future flora and fauna as byproducts of our interaction.  


Waste is a document of what we really do. By fabricating life forms from discarded materials, I mimic the adaptive strategies of today’s beings in order to anticipate structures that subsequent organisms might employ to harmonize with an unpredictable world. When installed as a group, these creatures generate a whimsical, but cautionary, environment.

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